Monday, January 16, 2017

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Discovery's 'Animal Planet' Sonic Rebranding --






Recently we worked on the production andsound design for the rebrand of Discovery Network's 'Animal Planet.' This project was another great collaboration between Soho Sonic and Lemez & FridelFirst aired on the 18th September 2013, we were responsible for creating 12 pieces of original music for 12 separate idents and trailers.


The theme of the rebranding was titled 'Surprisingly Human,' comparing animal characteristics to human nature. We were responsible for producing a set of original compo-sitions and sound designs that were inspired by a set of references given by the client. By listening to their brief we were able to understand the emotions and direction that the client desired us to capture in our original compositions.


Creating similar productions to the references required some thinking outside the box. One example of this was the creation of a hip hop track and producing it with similar sounds to some well known 90s hip hop anthems, for example 'Jump Around,' but with a touch of humour added. Within the original track there is a sample that has a low growling sax note pitched up to create a unique sound. We created something very similar sounding by pitch shifting a recording of a horse's neigh.


We were also very fortunate to have John Altman (Composer of film score for'Titanic' and Co-writer of Monty Python's famous 'Always look on the bright side of life') in the studio reco rding live saxophone for one of the pieces of music.




John in the studio