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After ten years of recording, producing, mixing and mastering, OJ (Ofer Shabi) has built upon the great success of ‘The Musician’s House’ he founded in 2003 to bring to the public the newly branded  Soho Sonic Studios.


The Musician's House was a large house and recording studio situated on Finchley Road. The house became a musical hub for singer-songwriters, bands and indie labels alike to come and record in OJ's 2 custom built recording studios.  It also developed into a  "Live/Work" environment for both talented musicians and young producers, some of whom OJ carefully picked to become a part of the Musician's House family.    





Within a short space of time, The Musician’s House attracted a variety of London's top artists, bands, and writers with the buzz of the place even getting interest from press and TV.

As time progressed, The Musician's House expanded it's business and began working closely with media companies as well as artists. This was when U.P.I.A emerged - a company set up by OJ and a business partner. They began recording voice-overs, mixing sound to picture, and offering sound design to clients including companies such as the BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4 to name a few.


Between the years 2003-2010, the combined success of The Musician's House, U.P.I.A and and increased demand led OJ to expand the business, moving the studios to a more central location in London - Soho. He decided to rebrand the company and named the studios Soho Sonic.


With the new location being just a 4 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station, this meant that Soho Sonic could accommodate not only talented musicians, but also record labels and media companies alike.






Together with a few talented individuals, OJ brought together the Soho Sonic Team, including the talented Arie Van Der Poel (Mixing Engineer) and up-and-coming Producer and Remixer Richard Pilkington. To date Soho Sonic has had some very exciting talent through the doors, including Lucian & Mann, Leona Lewis, Baby Blue, Merkar from The Rascals, Cassandra Fox, Abel Miller, Dionne from Big Brovaz, Taz DMT, to name a few.


The genre of music that we produce at Soho Sonic varies, ranging from singer/songwriter, acoustic, folk, Rock and Hip Hop, as well as other genres such as EDM, House and Soul. Check out the Our Clients page for examples of past work.


At Soho Sonic, we do our best to create a friendly, positive, productive and enjoyable environment, as it is very important to us that our clients feel comfortable and happy during the Production process.




          The Team from L-R: Natasja, Rich, Hila, Matt, Arie and OJ           


We love to get to know each individual artist on a personal level and as a result like to invite potential clients down to the studio to chat so that we can understand their music, ideas and perspective on their projects, creating the best concept and attaining great results for each client. 


As it was mentioned earlier, the new expansion of Soho Sonic meant the capability to accommodate large media companies as well as musicians and artists. To date we have worked on many small and large projects for companies such as Hilton, 888 Poker, Pringles, Hewlett-Packard, The Post Office, Decca, Universal, Sony, to name a few. We continue to record voice overs (wild and to picture), mix sound to picture for adverts and film and create sound designs.