Monday, November 24, 2014

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Soho Sonic Studios offer both music production and composition.



Here at Soho Sonic we are capable of:



- Collaborating with artists, helping co-write material


- Helping clients with arrangements


- Creating instrumentals to fit to picture


- Writing top lines/melodies for vocalists


- Producing beats and backing tracks for artists


- Composing and Recording full tracks



On top of these, our partner UPIA music has a large library (LBT - London Big Tracks) of ready made tracks that suit all genres for sound to picture, should you wish to choose this option. 



We have the flexibility of fitting around your requirements and your budget. It is also possible for you to bring your own beat/track and for use to lay down a vocal or to add to the track to further improve it.



Here at Soho Sonic we can design a tailor made project to suit all your musical requirements. Get in touch at for further enquiries. 

Examples of Our Production Work:



 Abel Miller recording at Soho Sonic           Cassandra Fox and Head Producer OJ           String Quartet Recording for Randy Kalsi's Album