Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Original Music Composition Services

At Soho Sonic we offer an original music composition service specifically targetted to production houses that seek music to support picture or music. acts



Soho Sonic  work in collaboration with the UPIA Music Team (see below for more information) who have a large library (LBT - London Big Tracks) of songs and intsrumental  should you want already composed music. However, our original composition service means that we can compose and music tailored specifically to your project and your needs.




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'U.P.I.A. Music is a dynamic London based music composition team specializing in music for films, games and TV. UPIA has quickly become one of the most sought after music production companies in the UK and abroad.

Whether it is a score for a feature film, music for a BBC documentary, major advertising campaign theme or video games;


U.P.I.A. delivers original and exciting world class musical content with vigorous consistency.


A combination of unique recording experience, composing talent and sound engineering quickly grew into a successful business with an impressive track record.

In collaboration with Soho Sonic Studios in central London, U.P.I.A. uses a creative combination of live musicians & electronica techniques, to create a unique contemporary hybrid with an edge.


 In keeping with modern production companies, they also write amazing Pop, Urban & Dance anthems to suit.


U.P.I.A. has enjoyed success creating original music for high profile projects and also licensing tracks from it’s vast musical catalogue to films in the UK and the US.


Clients include: BBC, SKY, FOUR, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, UKTV, MTV,   BMW, Miramax, Buena Vista, Fox, Mercedes, Intel, UK Post Office, and Samsung, Publicist, M&C Saatchi to name but a few.

U.P.I.A’s strong identifiable sonic fingerprint have led it to become a leader in Sonic Branding for huge government bodies like the European Environmental Agency and broadcast giants such as SKY.'

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