Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Our Services

Music Recording

For musicians we have the space and equipment to record your singles and albums. Fully equipped with Drum Kit, Guitars and Amps, here at Soho Sonic we believe that no talent should go unnoticed.
If you believe that you have something special to offer then take a look at our unsigned program targeted at those who do not have sufficient funds to record and mix in our studios. Our team is professionally capable of meeting all your musical requirements, assisting with the recording and mixing of your projects, also with the songwriting should you need or want these services.
To date, we have worked with music companies such as Universal, Sony, EMI, Crown Management, Helicon Music and many more. There is certainly something here for everyone.
Sound to Picture

Recording and Mixing Sound to Picture is an area that we at Soho Sonic specialise in. Our previous television and film clients have included Sky TV, The BBC, Channel 4, National Geographics, Dare Films and many more. We have also been involved in producing sound for adverts by KIA Motors, Pringles, Sky Poker, 888, N1, Go Green and many more.  We are fully equipped to produce a professional result for your projects. Whether it be sound design, ADR or mixing sound to picture, our studios and our team can certainly fulfil your needs. With our impressive track record you’re sure to be impressed by our capabilities. Check out our sound reel to get a taster of our previous work.  

Voice Over

Recording Voice Overs, both Wild and to Picture, are an area that we at Soho Sonic have been working in for years. Our experience is second to none, having done Voice over work for 888, The Lighting Process, Pringles, Global Giveaway, ARUP, Sky TV and many more.
Feel free to contact our team if you have any queries regarding Voice Over projects, we will be more than happy to answer any questions. Check out our show reel for some examples of previous Voice Over work that our team has produced to see if it matches your needs.