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Special Occasions

Birthday/Anniversary Package

We love giving the gift of music to that special someone. Here at Soho Sonic we offer a birthday/anniversary package to give to somebody special, be it a friend, a relative or a partner. Give them the original gift of spending a day in the recording studio recording a song of their choice and taking it home on CD at the end of the day. Give them an insight into the music industry, seeing how the pop stars spend their days and understanding how songs go from ideas on paper, onto a fully produced CD.

The day will include:

- Working with a Professional Producer
- Arranging, Recording and Mixing your track
- Having help with Production ideas
- If needed, working with the Producer on lyrics and melody ideas
- Asking questions at the end of the day’s session

Hen Party Package & Premium Hen Party Package

Hen Party’s are meant to be a time of having fun with your friends. What better way to do that then to pretend to be pop stars for the day? Have fun recording two songs professionally with both lead and backing vocals and get to take home CDs of your performances afterwards. Our Premium Hen Party Package includes a professional photographer and some Champagne to make your session that little bit extra special.


The day will include:
- Working with a Professional Producer
- Recording both the lead vocals and backing vocals as a group
- A Professional Photographer and bottles of Champagne (with the Premium Package)
- Having Fun


Corporate Package

Every once in a while it is important for work colleagues to experience activities together outside the office. We love bringing people together through the creation of music. Enjoy a day in the studio with your work colleagues collaborating on writing and producing your own track. Incorporate team building in the recording studio by completing  a track from scratch as a team, working together on various aspects crucial to the development of any pop song.  

The day will involve:

- Writing lyrics together
- Writing a melody together
- Both individuals and groups singing different sections of the song
- Playing an instrument on the track (depending on playing ability)
- Working collaboratively on the arrangement and structure of the song
- Working with the producer to Mix the track
- Understanding the process of how a song is made  from start to finish.


Private Producer Experience

We love teaching others the art of production and where better to learn other than in the Recording Studio itself. Come to Soho Sonic for the day and learn how to record and mix a track from scratch with our team of professional producers. We will tailor make a bespoke package based on your previous experience, budget and desires. Contact us for further information.