Soho Sonic Studios hosts a unique series of ‘Songwriting Panel Discussion’ events where independent songwriters, artists and producers have the opportunity to share their new, unreleased songs with a panel of music industry professionals. They will receive personalised feedback on the track from a panel of A&Rs, Publishers, Producers, Artists, Radio pluggers and more! If you would like to submit your track to one of our events, follow this link.


Join presenters Kelly Okogwu and Ben Kelly alongside a panel of industry experts for an in-depth discussion on a variety of areas surrounding the songwriting process – from writing and production to release and A&R advice – in response to submitted songs. Each 4-part series is formed from the event Sonically Live and includes feedback and discussion of all kinds, so other songwriters and music lovers can listen in and take away some valuable points to use in their own works.

We also have a special episode released with every season featuring exclusive interviews from the panelists!  Listen now!


‘Sonically Introducing’ is a live music event for the wonderful artists we work with to showcase their talent and connect with fellow musicians. It follows Soho Sonic’s successful Artist Development Program, where a dedicated team helps artists refine their sound and prepare for releases. This event offers a supportive platform for artists to shine and express themselves freely.