Best Superbowl Ads 2014



As the cries of “Touchdown” fade, and empty beer bottles all over the world are swept away, it can only mean one thing: the Super Bowl is another 365 days away.

For some years now, advertising slots during the massive sporting event, which regularly garners over 100 million viewers globally, have become sought after and highly publicised.

The advertising hype begins weeks before the actual event, with many of the companies actually releasing film-like trailers and teasers of the commercials themselves. Indeed, many non-sport lovers admit to watching the entire event just to see the glossy, and often star-studded, commercials.

With a 30 second slot costing advertisers around $4m last year, it is not surprising that it tends to be big brands that choose to debut their high profile campaigns during the coverage of the game.

Perhaps surprisingly, the slots don’t always lead to a spike in revenue for the products, but the sheer size of the global audience plays a huge part in brand awareness.

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We have picked just three of our favourites – let us know if you agree.

Muppets Most Wanted for Toyota


It seems that audiences just can’t get enough of The Muppets. With their second feature, Muppets Most Wanted, due out in the US in March, Disney decided to air not just a trailer for the film – indeed many hugely-anticipated blockbusters also choose the Super Bowl coverage to launch their trailers – but also to send the fuzzy friends off on a road trip in a 60-second spot for Toyota. The ad is a great example of tie-in advertising.

Lawrence Fishburne for KIA


Car manufacturers have always been big spenders during the Super Bowl. This year Lawrence Fishburne reprises his Matrix role of Morpheus in a spot for the South Korean car firm KIA. In the ad, Fishburne persuades a well-heeled couple to take a ride in the car, before things take an unexpected musical turn. It aims to challenge the notion of pre-conceived ideas of luxury, with the actor pronouncing: “This is what luxury looks like; this is what it feels like.”

Make Love Not War for Axe/Peace One Day


But our favourite Superbowl ad is not star-studded. As part of their association with the ongoing campaign Peace One Day, male grooming brand Axe (known as Lynx in the UK) has produced a spot called Make Love Not War. The commercial makes thinly-veiled references to World War II, the Vietnam War, North Korea and the Middle East. The ad is highly cinematic, beautifully shot and set to a sweeping soundtrack. It gets our vote as a great way to get across a serious message.

Let us know what you think of our picks by leaving your comments below