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Sound Supervision / Dub Mixing

This Must Be The Place

Sound Design / Dub Mixing

London To Brighton

Sound Design / Dub Mixing

Audio Post Production for Television and Film


Our film department led by acclaimed supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer Srdjan Kurpjel M.P.S.E. has worked on numerous high profile projects such as This Must Be The Place, Hampstead, Underground, etc… Whether you need sound design, Foley, ADR, Atmos or Dolby mixing, we’ve got it covered.


Whether it’s a feature film, a TV programme or a trailer, our expert team can accommodate any request and deliver great results that will translate to any medium. We can mix and supply to any delivery specs required for TV or Cinema.

The monitoring is a 5.1 Genelec 1031a and the room is acoustically treated and calibrated specifically for dub mixing. Our engineers have mixed many award winning features, short films and trailers.


Even the prettiest footage can lose impact if not accompanied by the appropriate sound. Soho Sonic offers an one stop shop for all your sound needs. From human footsteps to alien spaceships, we can interpret your vision sonically.

With a state of art Foley stage, high end microphones and a storage room full of noisy props and toys, our experienced engineers can bring your scene to life.

ADR Recording | Voice-Over

Our experienced engineers and relaxing atmosphere can help your talent deliver the great performance that your film or TV project needs. Our studios offer industry standard equipment and a selection of high end microphones and preamps that will suit any voice.

Whether it’s a single artist or a large group of up to 8 actors our ADR suites, in Soho and Camden, can accommodate any project. Our nice reception area is ideal for high-profile actors or clients to relax and have a coffee or tea when not recording.

Remote Recording

Is your talent away on holidays or business and have an urgent enquiry to record a missing line or a whole script? Connect with us via our high speed internet connection and our experienced engineers will take care of all your needs. Our studios have been finely tuned to work reliably with all remote sessions whether you are in a Hollywood production suite or in the comfort of your room. We always run tests prior to the actual session to establish a hustle free experience and focus on what really matters.

We also have a mobile system that allows us to record on location if your projects need to be recorded outside of the studio. One project involved us working with Fox to record an interview with Damian Lewis on location for the Homeland DVD box set.

Music Supervision

Finding appropriate music that can bring a scene to life is not an easy feat. We have worked on numerous documentaries, features and commercials and can help filmmakers tell stories through music. We collaborate with acclaimed composers, orchestras and bands, who can help transform your project.