Terms & Conditions

Cancellations and Refunds


Payment is required to be made in advance in order to secure the booking slot. Any cancellation made by the client less than 72 hours before the session will result in a loss of the deposit. If we are able to offer an alternative session within 7 days, we will use the initial deposit towards this new session. In the event that the alternative date is cancelled or unsuitable for the client, the deposit will not be refunded.

If for any reason we need to postpone or reschedule a session and you are not satisfied with the new arrangements you will also be fully refunded. Once a session has taken place a refund will not be given.

This cancellation policy relates to our regular bookings. Some promotions and offers, as well as bookings placed within 72 hours of the session, may be subject to different terms. All terms and conditions for these will be explained in full by email or phone should you wish.


Our Engineers / Producers


We will do our best to book the engineer/producer you have requested for the job, however, as we work with several freelancers who are from time to time committed to other projects, we cannot always guarantee the engineer of your choice. In the event that you wish to carry on a project, which you’ve already started with one engineer and that engineer is not available, the bookings manager will book the most suitable engineer to cover and take over from that point.

Technical Problems: In the event of a technical problem in the studio, which will cause delays to the session, we will offer you one of the following solutions:

  • Extend the session on the same date compensating for the lost time (If possible and if we are able to delay the following session)
  • Re-book the studio for the lost time. In this case, we will round up the time lost to the nearest hour (for example, if 20 minutes are lost, and we can’t extend the session by 20 minutes in the same day, we will book you in for a full hour at no extra cost)

All recorded audio will be backed up in our dedicated cloud for 3 months at no extra charge, however, if you wish to extend this, additional charges may apply.

Any audio exports including mixdowns stems and CD burning can be done at no extra charge within the booked time slot. In the event that you have used up all your booked time, and you require additional audio exports – we can do so, however extra charges will apply according to the engineer’s estimate.

Unless agreed otherwise, the engineer will only be able to give/send you audio exports of the session, once all payments are settled according to the related invoice due date.

Any audio exports made at the end of the session will include the material worked on in its exact condition at the time (complete or incomplete). For the avoidance of doubt, any additional mixing or sound improvement will require an additional booking.

Receiving the material or exports recorded at the end of the session will be considered as the completion of the booked session.

All bookings will be made and must be confirmed solely through the booking office

Our producers and engineers are contracted by the studio. The studio will not tolerate any attempts to enter into any business agreement with our engineers or producers without the studio’s prior written consent. Any such action will be considered as a violation of the terms and conditions, therefore, we will not be liable for any loss of data and recorded material recorded prior to or after such an event occurs. We reserve our right to take legal actions for any financial losses incurred by such violation and we will withhold all recorded material ownership until a court decision is made.

Our recording session (not production session ) – will include the following services:

  1. Facilitating the recording of the content provided and directed by the client
  2. Making the best use of the studio equipment and advising on recording techniques if and when needed.
  3. ‎Edit and export the recorded material according to the client requests and direction ‎within the booked time.

Any additional services including but not limited to mixing, music production, music programming, playing an instrument, singing backing vocals or lead vocals by one of our team members will have to be arranged through our booking office and will be charged according to our studio rates. Once payment has been made in full for any additional services as stated above, you will be given a release form for the services provided upon request.

Music Production by the hour includes the following:

  1. All the recording services with an engineer, as stated above.
  2. Recording of any instruments played by the producer according to your direction.
  3. Music programming
  4. Mixing within the time booked
  5. Advise on production techniques and creative ideas.

Production by the hour is time-managed according to the client requests. Our producers will advise in case additional time is required to achieve better results. We advise all clients to allow enough time to prepare the track for export before the end of the time booked in order to achieve the best representation of the work done during the session.

Exports made at the end of the session are often work in progress and as such, they can’t be judged or criticised in the same manner as final products. It will be the client’s sole decision on whether the production is completed to their satisfaction or not and we shall not be held responsible for any problems arising from the musical or stylistic decisions made by the client.


Full Song Production Deals


Slots and Availability


Full song production sessions are subject to studio’s and producer’s availability. All sessions need to be booked by the artists at the end of the session via the studio office. Full Song Production sessions in the studio are 4 hours long.




If there is a specific deadline request, it needs to be communicated and agreed in writing with the studio manager in advance. Depending on the studio’s and producer’s availability, we will confirm in writing if we can meet the deadline and specify if there are any extra charges involved.


Early Termination


Early Termination of a package deal project will result in full payment of the agreed quote.




For all projects produced by the hour, by one of our producers, the appropriate credit should be described as follows:

For beat production – Programmed by ‘the producer’s name’ of The SoniCrew at Soho Sonic Studios

For Vocal Production – when appropriate, Lead and backing vocals produced by ‘the producer’s name’ of The SoniCrew at Soho Sonic Studios

When appropriate, other than programming, the instruments played by the producer will be credited separately as well.


International Bank Transfers


When making an international transfer, you need to cover all the associated bank charges for the full payment to be received in our account.