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Team Building Events


Let’s face it, the idea of team building isn’t usually the sort of experience one always looks back on fondly.


It usually involves running around in circles being told what to do by an unfun overly enthusiastic ‘work coach’… Instead, wouldn’t it be refreshing to shake things up and let your team be free to bond over something creatively engaging? Something that challenges employees to think differently while promoting new bonds with colleagues


Here in the studio we have our own version of fun, ​team-building options in central London that undermine the stereotypical and involves making music.

Don’t worry, we’re not looking for the next Bruno Mars or Adele, but what we can organise is a tailored studio session that is on your own terms, no matter what talents are, accommodating teams of every size and type.


So go on, fulfil that dream and head on down to the studio.

Team-building activities for small groups – up to 10 people


If your team is on the smaller side, we can create an activity that supports intimate interactions in a smaller space and if you’re lucky, your colleagues will walk away with a new understanding of the people they talk to every day.

Team-building activities for medium-sized groups – 10 to 20 people


We can suggest one of our bigger venuesYou might want a bigger space, that lets employees mingle and expand their social circle. These unconventional surroundings are sure to bring a magical atmosphere that will spark conversation among colleagues who don’t normally interact.

Team-building activities for large groups – 30 people or more


This will require more strategic planning in terms of venue and logistics, but not something we haven’t done before and succeeded. It can be difficult to keep dozens of people engaged with a single activity, so we most likely divide them into groups, some will write lyrics, some will produce etc. eventually working together to achieve the ultimate one goal, something to remember when working in teams on big projects at work….


In a nutshell we have bespoke packages that can suit EVERYONE! Your nominated dedicate event coordinator will work with you to create the optimum solution from paper to execution on the day


We can create full days event, half days or evenings, we can organise food, drinks nibbles and any other extras that come to mind


We have professional photographers / videographers we can add to the sessions to help document the great memories (at extra cost)

If you want to find out more about our services and how we can help you organise your event, please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 0207 193 4467

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