Music + Driving Skills = Volkswagen Golf GTI Ad

[media width=”570″ height=”320″ link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mss2tv8PYBw”]

Volkswagen Golf GTI has worked with the London arm of Tribal Worldwide and dance act Underworld to create an experience called Play The Road, which sees a unique piece of music composed depending on the way the car is driven.

The companies developed software and Underworld exclusive music compositions that synchronise motion, technology and music; each turn of the wheel, shift in gear, or change of location is reflected in the track.

Tom Wharfe, communications manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “Music and driving have always been synonymous since the invention of the in-car stereo. Along with the new Golf GTI’s advanced technological features we wanted to explore how we could build on the driving experience and make music feel like an integral part of driving. For safety reasons, we can’t release Play the Road to the public, but it’s important for us to continue to innovate, learn from this and find applications for our future cars.”

The application utilises engine data from the Golf GTI’s on-board computer, combining it with steering, acceleration and GPS data.

Matt Oxley, head of creative technology at Tribal Worldwide, London, added: “Play The Road is a highly ambitious concept that reinvents driving music. We’ve created an experience that blends music, technology and emotion, turning the new Volkswagen Golf GTI into a responsive musical instrument. It delivers a unique experience.”

As the Play The Road experience is not available for general release the public will have the opportunity to drive the Volkswagen Golf GTI with the Play The Road Experience by entering a Facebook competition.

Above is the making of the driving music.