Musical Collaborations… The Good, the Bad and the Really, Really Weird

Every now and then, two or more artists decide to join forces and make sweet, sweet music together. Sometimes it’s incredible, other times not so much, and then there are the collabs that are just plain weird. Join us today as we take a look at some of the best and worst musical collaborations ever to grace our radio waves.

Jay-Z & Linkin Park

This unlikely pairing made their debut in 2004 when they released the 6-track album, Collision Course – taking the collaboration further than any other artist. Of course, not everyone was happy, but they got a pretty great reception from fans who loved the mixture of genres.

Nelly & Tim McGraw

Who would have ever guessed that these two would team up? Sure, it’s a pretty weird duo and at first we were sceptical, but you have to admit, it’s a catchy tune that’ll be going through your head Over and Over…

Kanye West & Bon Iver

Now, if you thought Nelly and Tim were odd, you haven’t seen anything yet. The self-proclaimed ‘vessel of God’ – Kanye West took things to a whole new level when he decided to team up with indie folk band, Bon Iver. We’re still not entirely sure what to think of the whole thing, but Kanye seemed to like it.

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars

It could be the catchiest song of the year – Uptown Funk has captured the hearts of the nation. Walk into any club on a Friday night and you are bound to hear this song within the first five minutes of being there. To be honest, Mark Ronson could probably team up with absolutely anyone in the music biz and produce another brilliant earworm.

Alicia Keys & Jack White

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why on earth anyone would think that pairing up two artists would be a good idea. Alicia Keys and Jack White’s contribution to the Quantum of Solace soundtrack is a perfect example of one of these times.

Aerosmith & RUN DMC

This could be one of the best collaborations of all time and it’s thought to have been the spark that created the rap rock genre. So, it’s thanks to these boys that we had the Jay-Z/Linkin Park mash up – nice one lads!

Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney

He’s back… Kanye just can’t get enough of the collab experience. This time, he’s brought Beatle, Paul McCartney with him. We get the Rihanna/Kanye mix – it makes sense, but we’re not entirely sure where good old Paul comes into the mix. People had only just calmed themselves after the last Kanye/Paul McCartney mix-up that nearly imploded the internet, but now, they’re back for more.

Taylor Swift & T-Pain

Where do we even start with this one? We get that it was supposed to be a joke, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. To be perfectly honest, there are simply no words for how we feel about this T-Sweezy effort.

Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams

Pharrell may be the King of collaborations and he never disappoints. We can’t thank the man enough for giving us countless nights of brilliant boogying, and this song may top the list of our favourite Pharrell tunes.

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