The Top 10 Best Selling Songs of All Time [Slideshare]

At our recording studio in London, we’ve seen all kinds of artists; from first-timers recording their first professional demo to seasoned chart-topping professionals. Whilst all musicians have one thing in common – the fact that they’re doing it because they love music – many also secretly dream of hitting the top of the charts and getting a true best-seller. So, if you want to record the best-selling song of all time, who do you have to beat? Check out our slideshare and find out!

Okay, so those numbers are pretty high – but with the right song and a great recording, who knows what could happen?! At Soho Sonic, our expert team and fully-equipped studio can help you to create the perfect track – whether it’s the next chart hit, a soundtrack for film, TV or games, or just about anything else. For more information, contact us today on 020 7193 4467.