Top Tips from the Experts- How To Avoid Over Mixing Tracks

As a top recording studio in London, Soho Sonic know just how important it is to get the right balance of sound and tone within your tracks. You want to be able to keep your listeners attention throughout the whole mix, and in doing so you need everything to be perfect.

But how can you tell when your track is ready? How do you know when to stop mixing? We’ve put together a few ideas on how you can tell if your track is ready to go, and when to step away from the mixer.

Is There Something Bothering You?

Mixing allows you to create a balance in your final product by editing the recorded tracks within your piece. From the volume to the tone, even transitions between sections in the track; all these things culminate to form your final mix.

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If you are listening and you hear parts that stick out to you for all the wrong reasons; whether your guitar track seems to quiet or the transition between verses is too jerk; this is a sign that something isn’t quite right and needs fixing.

Identifying what is bothering you about your mix if the first step to realising you may not be ready to finish mixing your track just yet. You want to aim to listen to your track and not be irritated by any particular part. Once you are happy with the sound, you’re probably ready to step away from the mixer. Congratulations, your mixing process is over!

Do You Hear the Song?

Another way to test if you are nearing the end of your mixing journey with your track is to find yourself hearing the song as a whole, rather than the specific parts of the mix.

When you find yourself singing along or tapping your foot to the music rather than focusing on trying to pick out the sections of the mix, you are starting to think more like a listener, rather than a musician, which is ultimately who you are wanting to enjoy the track.

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Mixing a track means putting together a whole host of different tracks in an audibly attractive way, so if you are beginning to  enjoy the song as a whole, then you are most likely at the end of your mixing journey.

There Is No Secret Formula

There’s no exact way to determine a successful mix. There is no scientific formula where a+b=  a great mix. This is because the whole process of producing music is an art form, rather than a scientific one. Yes, you may use technology to help you with the process, but ultimately, you are creating something brand new through your own creative ideas.


Putting together a range of disjointed tracks and turning it into a song does take skill, but you will always have the creative input from the beginning with the direction and sound that you are going for. Without different creative minds, the music coming out of recording studios would all sound alike, and wouldn’t be very popular.

Like with most artistic industries, with more practice, you will get better at mixing over time. Once you become confident that you can mix fairly well, you can begin experimenting with new styles and sounds, who knows what you can accomplish when you become a master mixer!

Here at Soho Sonic, we love hearing how your mixes turn out. Over mixing tracks can completely ruin the mood and tone that you are trying to set with your final track, which is why it is so important to know when to stop. Our recording studio has everything that you need to create and produce high quality tracks. If you would like to know more about our rates and services, contact us today by phoning 020 7193 4467 and one of our helpful team will be happy to help.