Are You More Creative When The Sun Goes Down?

At Soho Sonic, we’d like to think we know a fair bit about creativity. Not only do we work with creative people day in and day out – from unsigned artists who we just know will be making it big just down the line to established famous names – but most of our team are creative types, too.

Whilst everyone is different, and there’s definitely no set way to “be creative”, many people say that they feel at their creative best during the night time. So, is that true – and why?

Peace and Quiet

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“When I am ….. completely myself, entirely alone… or during the night when I cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these ideas come I know not nor can I force them.”- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Some people find it easier to be creative when they’re able to get some peace and quiet – and the night-time’s better for this, even if you are in a city that doesn’t sleep. There are so many potential distractions during the daytime; the shopping that you need to do, your friends’ latest updates on Facebook and Twitter, thinking about where to go for dinner. At night-time, many of these distractions fade away, leaving your mind free to create.


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If you want to push your creative boundaries, you should stay up past your bedtime and work when you’re tired. Sound peculiar? Bear with us. The theory is this: when you’re at your best, you’re focussed, and you can attack your problems with laser-beam precision. That’s great for analytical issues, but not always the best approach for creativity. When you’re tired and your brain is less focussed, you’re more likely to see a bigger picture, to take in ideas that your chirpy awake brain might not consider, and come to a more creative solution.

Romance & Mystery

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“There is a romance about all who are abroad in the black hours” – Robert Louis Stevenson

When you come down to it, the creative process is still very much a mystery – even to those who live by it. Creative individuals are often romanticised – but we’re not complaining too much about that!

And let’s face it, night time is the best time for romance and mystery. Ergo, the night time is the best time for creativity!

Whether you’re a night owl or a morning lark, at our mixing studio in London we can help you to make the most of your creative moments. Contact us for more details on our rates, services and more – and if you do happen to be a night owl, ask us about our special new White Night package, giving you a great rate for those romantic and mysterious hours between 11pm and 6am.