Best Fan-Footage Videos

From our recording studio in London, we like to keep our headphones to the ground when it comes to any occurrences in the music industry. And few things are more exciting than a new track by an ol’ favourite. Blur have been long considered one of the best bands to emerge from the ranks of them and those of the early 90’s music scene, with a legacy that ranks them in the top bands to ever rear their jaunty little heads above the radar and stand up and be counted.

The release of their latest music video deserves the attention synonymous with the group. However, it isn’t the group that are the stars of the 3 minute audio-feast; it is, in fact, their fans. There have been a few bands in recent years that have opted for the fan-footage video with varying degrees of success, so with the release of I Broadcast by those Cockney scamps, let’s go back and take a peek at some of the best.

I Broadcast by Blur

So let’s start with the blokes in question… Featuring everything from actual live footage of the band to countless people giving the song a jolly good go on their various instruments, the video seems an apt way for Blur to give the fans some thanks after the passionate nature in which they were welcomed back to the music scene.

Just a Day by Feeder

[Record labels ey… who’d ‘ave ‘em? We would put the video here but, well… it’s out of our hands. It’s just as well you’ve probably seen this one a million times before anyway, isn’t it?]
This is a wonderful example of how to do a fan-tastic fan-footage video. Combining completely serious – and mostly cringey – renditions with light-hearted yet enthusiastic have-a-gos, this video is arguably our favourite, boasting a wealth of amusing footage. Bit scary to think that some of those kids are exiting their teens now though; where’s the time gone?!

minipops 67 by Aphex Twin

Let’s save the strangest for last. Aphex Twin has never been one for the conventional music video, so you’d be forgiven for thinking this was one of his. It is however a fan-footage vid, which makes you question just how diverse these kids’ music taste will go on to be when they’re older! These have to be some of the youngest Aphex Twin fans going – with dance moves beyond their years.

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Until then… watch that last video again; go on, those kids have earned your second viewing. Maybe let us know what you think via our Facebook or Twitter, it’s certainly worth a share! Enjoy!