Best Leeds & Reading Performances EVER

What a beautiful feeling when you hear those 3 words whispered lovingly in your ear…

It’s. Festival. Season.

As we type this from our recording studio in London, we are sober with mudless fingernails, an unblocked toilet and a food which didn’t cost us £6.50 a chip; but you’ve got to love it. Currently there are teams of people of all ages piling into Reading and Leeds festival to celebrate the bank holiday weekend in style, watching some of the best bands that the world has to offer.

Whilst Reading & Leeds Festival sometimes receive criticism for their line-ups, this year sees the likes of Metallica, Alt-J and Royal Blood take to a stage which has played platform to some of the largest icons in rock music. So to celebrate we thought we would take our pick from some of our favourite performances over the last couple of decades, as we doff our cap to Leeds and Reading Festival.

Nine Inch Nails, 2007

Nine Inch Nails are one of those bands where you can’t help but know at least half of their back catalogue regardless of your commitment to checking it out. That said, the stage-show alone is reason enough for their set making anybody’s top festival performances, but the number of classics and the energy exuded was the clincher. If you ever get the chance, get yourself a NIN ticket.

Nirvana, 1992

Firstly, go search out the full set on YouTube… posting one video will not do it justice.

Any music fan worth their weight in plectrums will be familiar with this performance. Widely regarded as one of the greatest rock performances ever to hit UK soil, Nirvana would have taken the roof off of Reading if, well, it had one. The spine-tingling rendition of Lithium sees Cobain nearly drowned out by the sing-a-long crowd, with Lounge Act and Territorial *whistle* smashing any witnesses right in the music bone. Kick your bank holiday weekend off with a watch of Kurt, Dave and Krist destroying Reading.

Rage Against The Machine, 2000

Prior to their 8 year hiatus – during the George Bush administration no less – Rage Against The Machine made Reading explode with a passionately energetic performance which sees the whole crowd jump/bounce/burst in unison when Testify detonates. Goosebump-inducingly crazy footage shows the band group grooving along to their unique brand of hip-hop and rock which many have tried to emulate, but none have quite mastered in the same way as RATM.

The live gig experience is one that we wouldn’t swap for anything, particularly festivals – everything from the campsite experience to being in the main arena. Equally, when the live sound is perfect, there is no where we’d rather be… excluding the studio of course.

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