How Do You Get Your Spark?


When it comes to composing our own awesome music we each go about it in a slightly different way. Whilst we’ve got all the instruments and technology we need in our recording studio in London, there’s something that we often need to look outside for- the inspiration, the small spark that sets a melody off in our heads and our pens flying over notebooks and keypads.
Believe it or not, a spark can hit us at any moment and in any situation. What you may find, however, is that a certain mind frame or a certain location helps get your creative juices flowing.


Where Are You?

Sometimes a melody can whisper to you across the din of strangers in a busy street. Sometimes you may be in your local pub, cafe or community centre minding your own business when all of a sudden you have a tune and simply can’t wait to get it down.
When taking inspiration from your busy surroundings isn’t enough, a quieter location might be just what you need. A park, a field, the peak of a mountain, the lapping waves of the shore; taking inspiration from your natural surroundings has echoed through our music for as long as we’ve been creating it. There’s no harm carrying on the tradition.


Man writing in notebook


Who Are You With?

When your general location fails to supply you with that much sought after spark, perhaps your company can help?
It’s not uncommon for people to spill their heart and soul out on a page to be kept safe on a computer or USB stick later on. To get to that stage, however, something has to trigger your pen to move across your page. Perhaps it’s your family? You’ve known them your entire life, after all, your flesh and blood, promise and loyalty; taking inspiration from those you hold near and dear could be all you need to trigger your spark.


Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors


What Are You Feeling?

Beyond everything else, music is nothing without emotion. As you sing or play in that recording studio it’s not only words travelling into the various microphones and echoed through speakers; it’s your emotion too. So what’s your trigger? What do you work best with?
Perhaps a feeling of awe has inspired you. Perhaps it’s anger or peace. Perhaps the emotion hasn’t reached you yet, though it’s plain enough to have moved your pen into action. Whatever your emotional trigger, as soon as it sparks you know for sure you’re on to something.


everyone story


We all have our spark, that tiny trigger that starts us on a musical rant or a passionate hour of getting the tune, the pitch and the rhythm in our heads just right. Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, however, your next step will be to record it.
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