The Most Intimate Gig Venues In The UK (Part One)

Sure, we’ve all dreamt of seeing our favourite band in an intimate venue – just you, that dreamboat lead singer and a bottle of wine. But sadly, in reality, nothing gets steamier than the face-planting love-affair you’ll have with the metal barrier, along with the other 5000 people who, like you, had that same hot-date dream.

Group of people enjoying a concert

It’s a sad reality, and if you’re a mega fan – it’s an even more depressing reality. But don’t worry, as the best recording studio in London – we know our stuff!

Although you may not catch the chart-topping big dogs at the following venues, if you’re a guru for new music and love checking out bands in the comfort of a pretty dreamy scene – here’s the first part of our top-rated (and super intimate) venues in the UK. Enjoy.

Soup Kitchen, Manchester


For more information, visit: www.soup-kitchen.co.uk

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is pretty much the Camden Market of this cheeky Northern city, and boasts plenty of amazingly small venues along its quirky streets. Although when it comes to a venue that offers quality sound, a cracking atmosphere and nice folk – we’ve got to say that Soup Kitchen is the one! Feeling peckish? Upstairs serves an array of tasty soups. And downstairs? Well, that’s where the magic happens. Tucked away in the basement is a pretty blank space, but what more do you want from an ‘underground’ venue. Yep, it seems that every hot new band passes through these doors, so you should probably pay the place a visit, too!

The Louisiana, Bristol


For more information, visit: www.thelouisiana.net

Part of the furniture amongst Bristol’s live music scene, the Louisiana has been repping good music for the past 25 years, and has well-deservingly been crowned the venue-king of indie. Playing host to a long list of pretty impressive names before they hit the big time; including The Libertines, The Strokes, Muse and The White Stripes –The Louisiana is a must-visit for any dedicated music lover!

The Kazimier, Liverpool


For more information, please visit: www.thekazimier.co.uk

As a city extremely proud of its musical background, Liverpool provides the ultimate scene for music lovers and sound-buffs alike, reflecting in its abundance of fab venues and ever expanding Liverpool Sound City festival. We totally recommend the Kazimier to anyone who’s looking to discover a new fave band they haven’t even heard of (yet), in the heart of one of the city’s smaller and more intimate venues. Honestly, if their list of upcoming gigs isn’t enough to tempt you – their impressive set-up and dreamy beer garden sure will be! Enjoy.

…To be continued!

At Soho Sonic, we’re mad about music, and believe that some of the very best gigs are discovered by chance. So, tune into our blog again soon for our next round-up of the weird, wonderful and the very intimate gig venues of the UK. For more information on any of our services, get in contact with our friendly and creative team today on 020 7193 4467.